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Caring for Dogs in Ukraine: An Appeal for Help

Updated: Jul 5

In the shadows of war and conflict, countless innocent lives go unnoticed. Among them are loyal dogs who, just like us, experience joy, sorrow, and fear. The well-being of animals, especially dogs in Ukraine, deserves our attention and care. These animals endure immense worry and stress, particularly in war zones where they often feel lost and frightened.

Doggy Woogie has made it its mission to help these vulnerable souls. Two years ago, we began our efforts to support animal shelters in Dnipro, and now, with our Doggy Woogie products, we can make an even greater impact. These products help calm the dogs and improve their overall health.

With the help of Irina, who tirelessly dedicates herself to these animals every day, we have made it our duty to support these dogs. Irina's dedication and love for the dogs are admirable, and it is our honor to assist her in her mission.

Together, we can ensure that these dogs have a chance at a better life, even amidst the harshest conditions. Let us show our support and help the dogs in Ukraine by joining forces and making a difference.

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