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"DOGGY WOOGIE IS A high-quality food supplement on a natural basis,
ant-allergic and 

Since 1999, we have been working with natural food supplements in the human sector, for general health, sports nutrition and OTC services, and at the same time with natural food supplements in the pet food sector, and more specifically for dogs with our product DOGGY WOOGIE®.

All the nutrients that dogs need to function properly have been added in the supplents. These essential nutrients are important for the health and general wellbeing of dogs.


Human beings, animals and plants are made up of living cells. These living cells can be optimally nourished with the right food.

DOGGY WOOGIE® consists mainly of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, which are important for the living cell.

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DOGGY WOOGIE® offers additional nutrition for dogs and only contains natural food supplements.
DOGGY WOOGIE® meets all requirements of the Act on Foodstuffs. It also complies with all relevant legislation and is produced according to GMP, HACCP and ISO 22000 standards.
DOGGY WOOGIE® is not a medicine. Food supplements are no substitute for a healthy lifestyle with a varied and balanced diet. If your dog is ill or has a medical condition, it is advisable to consult a vet.

DOGGY WOOGIE® contains both essential and non-essential amino acids, which improve a dog’s general health and make it feel good and playful. By optimally feeding the living cells, one can prevent many worries and problems in dogs.


DOGGY WOOGIE® – The 20 L-amino acids provide optimal nourishment to the living cells. This will have a positive effect on the intestinal flora of dogs. The intestinal flora are important for the defence mechanism of dogs.  The amino acids have a positive impact on the immune system and help dogs to stay healthy or, when sick, to soon become better again.

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"DOGGY WOOGIE® is a 100% natural food supplement on the basis of serum albumin and contains all 20 L-amino acids"

Dogs have a short digestive system. As a result, the digestive system only has a short time to absorb the right nutrients. The majority of nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine. The large intestine is, amongst others, responsible for absorbing electrolytes (salts), water and the nutrients that are not absorbed in the small intestine. The indigestible part of the food is excreted through the defecation.

Carbohydrates, fats, proteins (amino acids) provide energy to a dog. The amount of energy that a dog needs depends on its condition. A dog that is growing, moves a lot or is pregnant, for example, will require more energy than a dog with little movement.


Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Because proteins are an important component of a dog's body that strengthen its muscles and support its metabolism, proteins are very important in its diet.

It is important to respect the dose indicated by DOGGY WOOGIE®. 

It is of no use to give excess proteins to your dog. The liver and kidneys will have to work extra hard to cleanse the body. An overdose of proteins also causes an additional burden on the organs.

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